What to Expect

As outlined in the graphic below, our consultants utilize a reliable process that will guide you from our first meeting throughout your time as our client. Each stage as described further builds from a deep understanding of your organization’s needs and assisting your company to meet the stated objectives.

Consulting Process

Entry & Contracting

  • Our consultants will work with the client to identify desired specific outcomes and review challenges and constraints to achieving success. A client agreement with scope of the engagement and timeframes will be created.

Discovery & Dialogue

  • We will collect data by utilizing appropriate methods such as interviewing, focus groups, assessments or surveys to determine issues, concerns and generate ideas for solving problems.

Analysis & Design

  • Consultants will conduct a thorough analysis of the data, prepare a report for clients, provide recommendations and design interventions to address the identified problems.

Action & Execution

  • We will facilitate appropriate events, dialogue sessions, retreats that are relevant to the recommendations that emerged from the data collection and analysis.

Evaluate & Renew

  • Post event evaluations for each intervention will be created that combines both quantitative and qualitative data. Evaluations will be used to gain a greater understanding of how well consultants met the stated objectives. A determination will be made to either finalize the engagement or renew for further intervention.