Client Projects


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Created a Climate Advisory team in an organization of 100+ employees comprised of members with different levels of authority that meets regularly to represent the issues of other employees and make recommendations to the Division Head. Team is still functioning effectively in its third year of operation without further intervention.
  • Collaborated with the Assistant Director of a 400+ employee organization in the creation of a RACI chart for identifying specific roles and responsibilities for the Executive Leadership team including backups, gaps and overlaps. Facilitated the review of the chart and discussion for the purpose of identifying specific actions to implement the RACI tasks.
  • Facilitated executive onboarding with various new supervisors in order to provide a smooth transition into a new role and build key relationships toward early success. The process allows the new leader to share their management style, hopes and concerns for the organization. Other members share the history of the organization and their requests and offers for their new leader.

IRS – Enterprise Services Group

As part of the Transition Management Office, helped affected organizations prepare for new or enhanced systems by identifying gaps between their current and future states, and working with them to close those gaps.  The focus is organization readiness and education of those charged with implementing the required changes.

IBM Global Services

As part of the Internal Transformation Consulting Group, designed and delivered team interventions for the Executive Leadership Team, the focus was on building greater understanding of different leadership styles among principals and change management managers.  The purpose is to and develop strategies to promote a more collaborative work team for external client engagements.