Embrace your experiences.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. — Anonymous


In the movie, “Parenthood” the wise grandmother tells about why she always preferred the roller coaster at the amusement park over the merry-go-round. “The merry-go-round just goes around. But the roller coaster goes up and down and is fun and scary all at the same time.” It was the bumps and the fear evoked for her that made it all worthwhile. The grandmother tells the story to demonstrate why a smooth ride through life is just boring. Roller coasters can represent a more divergent and interesting ride through life, however if all of life were really like that you would begin to know exactly what to expect. After you ride a roller coaster several times you know where the highs and the lows happen and when to expect a rush of adrenaline. The roller coaster would then feel as predictable as the merry-go-round. In order to build a roller coaster truly analogous to life, it would be ever-changing and highly unpredictable. The twists and turns would come up unexpectedly. The euphoria associated with unbridled fun would be juxtaposed against the fear of the unknown. And the sudden stops would be a welcome respite from the thumps and jolts of life.

Are you a “roller-coaster” sojourner, or do you prefer the merry-go-round?